Yields6 Servings
 2 x 411g tins peach halves
 150 g almond paste
 75 g butter
 90 g sugar
 3 egg yolks
 75 g ground almonds
 15 g cornflour
 3 egg whites
 10 g slivered almonds
For the meringue
 3 egg whites
 150 g sugar

Work the almond paste with the butter and 45g of sugar, then mix in the egg yolks and whisk the mixture thoroughly; mix the ground almonds with the cornflour and stir into the almond and egg mixture


Beat the egg whites and the remaining sugar until firm peaks form; fold this into the almond mixture; butter an ovenproof dish and spread 1/3 of the almond cream on the bottom of it; arrange the peaches, cut side up in the dish; pipe the remaining almond cream around and on top of the peaches and bake in a preheated oven at 190C/Gas 5 for 20 minutes


In the meantime beat the egg whites until stiff; add the sugar a tablespoon at a time beating well after each addition; continue beating until you have a stiff, shiny meringue


Take the dessert out of the oven and pipe a lattice of meringue on top; sprinkle the slivered almonds on top and place under a grill or a hot oven until the meringue is lightly brown

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