Yields1 Serving
 500 g mixed dried fruit
 75 ml brandy
 75 ml freshly squeezed orange juice
 50 g polenta
 1 small Bramley apple, peeled and coarsely grated
 75 g unsalted butter, frozen and grated, plus a little extra for greasing
 60 g ground almonds
 Grated zest of ½ orange
 Grated zest of ½ lemon
 2 level tablespoons black treacle
 ½ level teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
 1 level teaspoon ground cinnamon
 2 large eggs beaten

put the dried fruit in a large bowl and add the brandy and orange juice, then mix together well and leave for half an hour


add the polenta, apple, butter, almonds, zests, treacle and spices and mix well again; then cover with clingfilm and leave for an hour


add the eggs and mix thoroughly – the resulting mixture should be fairly wet, so add a little more juice if it feels dry


grease well a 1 litre pudding basin and put a small disc of buttered greaseproof paper in the base; spoon enough mixture into it to come almost to the top, then smooth the top; cut a circle of greaseproof paper large enough to fit on top of the pudding basin, then cut a piece of foil at least 7.5cm larger than the top of the basin and make a pleat in the centre; butter the circle of greaseproof paper and place, buttered-side down on top of the pudding, then cover the top of the basin with the foil; smooth the foil down the sides and firmly tie a piece of string around, then trim away any excess foil


pour 5cm water into a pasta saucepan which has its own colander; bring the water to the boil then lower the colander with the pudding basin in it into the saucepan; reduce the heat to a simmer and put the lid on; steam the pudding for 1 ½ hours


after this time, leave the pudding to stand for half an hour before carefully unmoulding it; serve with crème fraiche

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