Yields12 Servings
 200 g self-raising flour
 40 g cocoa powder
 200 g caster sugar
 200 g softened unsalted butter
 150 ml soured cream
 2 eggs
 1 tsp vanilla extract
For the marshmallow frosting
 100 g softened butter
 200 g icing sugar
 2 tbsp milk
 1 tsp vanilla extract
 100 g white marshmallows
To decorate
 12 white marshmallows
 15 g pink glimmer sugar
 24 chocolate chips
 Slivered almonds
 Chocolate icing writing tube

Preheat the oven to 180C/Gas4; line a 12-hole muffin tin with cupcake cases


Sift the flour, cocoa and ½ tsp salt into a mixing bowl then stir in the sugar; beat in the soft butter; combine the soured cream, eggs and vanilla together in a separate bowl then mix into the cake batter until smooth; divide between the cases


Bake in the oven for 30-35 minutes until firm; cool on a wire rack


To make the frosting, beat the butter, icing sugar, milk and vanilla extract until smooth and fluffy; place the marshmallows into a bowl and microwave for 30-60 seconds until the marshmallows are just melted; add the melted marshmallows to the frosting and beat again until smooth; chill the frosting in the fridge to firm up for about 45 minutes


For the bunny ears, cut each marshmallow in half on the diagonal from top to bottom; place the pink sugar in a plate and press the cut side of the marshmallows in the sugar


To decorate, place the frosting in a piping bag with a plain 1-5cm nozzle and pipe on top of the cooled cupcakes; add the ears, eyes and teeth to each cupcake and continue to decorate with the chocolate icing

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