Yields10 Servings
 200 g Boundoir sponge fingers
 190 ml Baileys loqueur
 600 g mascarpone cheese
 500 ml double cream
 300 ml double cream for decoration
 400 g plain chocolate melted
 drinking chocolate to dust

arrange the sponge fingers along the base and sides of a 20.5cm loose-bottomed tin, cutting the fingers to make sure that they completely cover the base
sprinkle 90ml of the liqueur over the base and leave to soak into the sponge
soften the mascarpone with a fork, stir in the melted chocolate until well blended
beat the 500ml cream until stiff and fold into the cheese and chocolate mixture together with the rest of the liqueur
spoon the chocolate mixture into the sponge-lined tin, pushing the sponge fingers back against the sides of the tin
chill overnight
to serve remove the charlotte from the tin and transfer it on to a large serving plate, tie a ribbon around the sides
whip the 300ml cream until stiff and spread two thirds of it on top of the mousse; pipe the remainder all round the top and dust with drinking chocolate

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