Yields4 Servings
 4 large round rolls
 110 g butter, softened
 4 large eggs
 1 level teaspoon dried tarragon
 1 level tablespoon fresh chives, finely snipped
 50 g Gruyere cheese grated
 Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Slice the tops off the rolls about a third of the way down to act as a lid; remove the bread from the insides of the rolls but not from the lids; use half of the butter to spread the insides of the rolls


In a bowl lightly beat the eggs with a fork and add the herbs, 4 tablespoons cold water and salt and pepper to taste


Put a knob of the remaining butter in a small non-stick frying pan, over a fairly high beat, let it start to foam, then add a quarter of the egg mixture and scatter over some of the cheese; let the omelette set briefly before tilting the pan to allow the liquid egg in the centre to flow to the edges and set; fold in half and carefully tip into one of the hollowed-out rolls


Make the rest of the omelette rolls in the same way, leaving to cool before putting the bread lids on; serve with a salad of your choice

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