Yields6 Servings
 Unsalted butter and grated parmesan for the dish
 2 handfuls of fresh basil leaves
 A handful of fresh mint leaves
 A handful of fresh parsley leaves
 500 g ricotta
 120 ml double cream
 2 eggs
 150 g grated parmesan
 12 black olives, stoned and chopped

preheat the oven to 190C/Gas5


using a little butter grease the sides and bottom of a round 28cm springform tin; sprinkle enough parmesan to coat the sides and bottom of the tin; shake out any excess cheese


put the herbs into a food processor and put half the ricotta and cream on the top; blend until bright green, add the remainder of the ricotta and cream and blend again; add the eggs one at a time and process until well incorporated; season with sea salt and black pepper and then fold in the parmesan


spoon the mixture into the tin and spread the olives over the top; bake for 20 minutes; the pie should rise and have a brown crust, but still be soft in the centre; allow to stand for 5 minutes and serve

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