France – Ile-de-France (Brie)


Cow’s milk, pasteurised and unpasteurised; soft-ripened; edible bloomy rind.

Fat content:

45% unpasteurised, 60% pasteurised


French cheese’s king of kings. Since the Middle Ages this cheese has captured the hearts of all those who have experienced its outstanding taste. In the 19th century was considered the finest cheese in Europe, thanks to the French statesman Talleyrand who introduced it at a diplomats’ dinner. It is produced near Paris, which has no doubt helped its reputation. The geographical separation between the places of production and “affinage” is a Brie tradition. In 1980 this cheese was accepted into the AOC family.


White, bloomy edible rind with beige mottling; buttery, golden paste, which if a` point will bulge, but not run; nutty, garlicky flavour, mushroomy aroma.

Related Cheeses

French, soft-ripened cow’s milk cheeses such as Camembert, Brie de Melun, Brie de Montereau, Fontainbleu, Coulommiers, Italian Paglia-style and Toma cheeses.

Appropriate Wines

Any strong Bordeaux or Burgundy.

Bottom line

An amazing cheese, which  like most other French unpasteurised cheeses is hardly appreciated in Malta.

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