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Underarm Hair Removal Strips & Bikini Sensitive Skin 20 strips + 4 post-epilation wipes.The Conad Armpit and Bikini Depilatory Strips for sensitive skin, ready to use and easy to use, are ideal for all delicate parts of the body such as the armpit and groin.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          It only takes a few seconds to heat a strip of wax in your hands, apply and remove it. Unwanted hair, even the shortest, is eliminated at the root and the skin will be extremely soft and shaved for weeks. Conad Armpit and Bikini Hair Removal Strips, dermatologically tested, contain Almond Oil and Vitamin E, known for their emollient action on the skin, ideal for the most sensitive skin. Enjoy a simple solution to get silky smooth and soft skin.

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