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Jekk Joghgobkom 14.12.2019


Serves 10


200g mixed red berries

225g caster sugar

1 tbsp liquor of your choice

5 medium eggs

2 tsp vanilla paste or extract

100g plain flour

For the white chocolate cream

200g white chocolate in pieces

300ml whipping cream

100g mascarpone

1 tsp vanilla paste or extract

Zest of 1 lime



-          Preheat the oven to 180C/Gas4 and line a Swiss roll tin measuring about 25cm x 35cm, with baking paper

-          Tip the berries into a small pan with 100g of the sugar; place over a low heat and simmer for 10-15 minutes until the fruit is soft; sieve over a bowl to drain the syrup, cool, then stir in the liquor

-          For the sponge, separate the eggs into two bowls, add 100g of the sugar and 2 teaspoons of the vanilla to the egg yolks and whisk until they double in volume; set aside

-          Whisk the egg whites with a clean whisk, to stiff peaks, then whisk in the final 25g sugar

-          Fold the flour into the yolk mixture, then gradually fold in the stiff egg whites until smooth but still fluffy

-          Using a palette knife, spread the mixture on to the baking paper and level it; bake for 10-12 minutes until golden; cool for 5 minutes, then brush the sponge with the syrup; cover with clingfilm and set aside

-          For the white chocolate cream, melt the pieces of chocolate; heat the cream gently but do not let it boil; pour the cream over the melted chocolate, whisking gently until smooth, stir in the vanilla and mascarpone until glossy; add the lime zest and chill for 2 hours

-          Beat the chilled white chocolate cream to peaks – don’t overdo it or it will split; spread a thin layer of the cream over the soaked sponge and cover with the berries

-          Use the baking paper to roll up the log tightly, starting with one of the long sides; slice off a piece of the log to make a branch, remove the paper and place the log on a serving platter with the branch at an angle to the log; cover the log with the rest of the white chocolate cream; use a fork to create the bark effect

-          Decorate to your liking and chill until ready to serve




Ghal 10 persuni

200g red berries imhallta

225g zokkor fin

Mgharfa liquor li tiggosta

5 bajdiet ta’daqs medju

2 kuccarini estratt tal-vanilla

100g dqiq plain

Ghall-krema tac-cikkulata bajda

200g cikkulata bajda mfarrka

300ml krema

100g mascarpone

Kuccarina estratt tal-vanilla

Qoxra tal-lime



-          Sahhan il-forn ghal 180C/Gas4 u iksi turtiera bil-karta forn

-          Poggi l-berries f’tagen zghir ma’100g miz-zokkor; tektek fuq nar baxx ghal 10-15 il minuta sakemm jirtabu; saffi t-tahlita biex tissepara l-gulepp mic-cirasa; hallih jibred imbaghad zid il-qiquor

-          Ghall-isponge, ifred l-isfar u l-abjad tal-bajd f’zewg skutelli; zid 100g miz-zokkor u 2 kuccarini vanilla mal-isfra tal-bajd; habbat sakemm jirduppjaw fil-volum; erfa’ f’genb

-          Habbat l-abjad tal-bajd b’habbata nadifa sakemm jitwaqqaf u fl-ahhar habbat mieghu l-ahhar 25g zokkor

-          Dahhal id-dqiq fit-tahlita tal-isfra tal-bajd u wara dahhal bil-mod l-abjad tal-bajd sakemm ikollok tahlita minghajr capep imma li tkun ghadha minfuha bl-arja

-          Ifrex it-tahlita tal-isponge fuq il-kartaforn u llixxha kemm jista jkun; il-qies ghandu jkun 25cm x 23cm; ahmi ghal 10-12 minuta sakemm tiehu kulur dehbi; kessah ghal 5 minuti u idlek l-isponge bil-gulepp; iksi bil-clingfilm u erfa f’genb

-          Ghal-krema tac-cikkulata bajda, dewweb il-bicciet tac-cikkulata; sahhan il-krema ftit ftit imma thallihiex taghli; ferra l-krema fuq ic-cikkulata mdewba u habbat bil-mod sakemm ikollok tahlita minghajr capep; zid il-vanilla u l-mascarpone sakemm it-tahlita jkollha derha tleqq; zid il-qoxra tal-lime u kessah ghal saghtejn

-          Habbat it-tahlita tac-cikkulata saiemm twaqqafha – attentat li ma thabbathiex izzejjed inkella tisseparalek; ferra’saff irqiq tal krema fuq l-isponge midluka bil-gulepp u ferrex ic-cirasa fuq il-krema

-          Uza l-karta biex tghinek trembel l-isponge minn wahda min-nahat tawwalin; aqta’bicca mill-isponge biex ikollok fergha; nehhi l-karta u poggi l-log fuq il-platt li fuqu se sservi; poggi l-fergha f’pozizzjoni angolata mal-genb tal-log; iksi l-log bil-kumplament tat-tahlita tac-cikkulata l-bajda; uza furketta biex tohloq l-effett ta’zokk ta’sigra

-          Zejjen kif tixtieq u kessah sakemm tkun se sserviha

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