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Serves 10


5 large egg whites

150g caster sugar

10g instant coffee powder

150g icing sugar, sifted

For the filling

100g chopped hazelnuts

40g caster sugar

450ml double cream

250g mascarpone

100g dark chocolate



-          Preheat the oven to 190C/Gas5

-           Whisk the egg whites to firm peaks, then add the caster sugar and the coffee, whisking well between each addition

-          Once all of the caster sugar and coffee is incorporated into the egg whites, fold in the icing sugar; spread the meringue evenly into a lined tray 25.5cm x 35cm, dust with icing sugar and bake for 15-20 minutes; check if it is cooked by inserting a skewer into the centre, which should come out clean

-          Remove the meringue from the oven, and let it cool; turn the oven up to 200C/Gas6; put the hazelnuts in a bowl, add the caster sugar and toss together; spread the nuts over a small baking sheet in an even layer and bake for 4-5 minutes or until golden and lightly caramelised; remove from the oven and allow to cool completely

-          Whip the double cream and mascarpone together until thick; transfer a third of the mixture to a separate bowl; add the cooled hazelnut and sugar mixture to the remaining two thirds, stir in well and set aside

-          Melt the chocolate and allow to cool slightly; stir it into the third of the mascarpone and cream mixture; make sure you do this briskly because the chocolate will begin to set on contact with the cold cream mixture

-          Once the meringue is cool, lay it crisp-side down, on to a large sheet of baking parchment, then gently peel off the lining parchment; spread the hazelnut cream over the top, leaving a 3cm border around the edges of the meringue; smooth the chocolate cream over the top, leaving a 2cm border around the edges of the hazelnut cream

-          With the long side of the meringue towards you roll the edge of the meringue over so that it meets the chocolate mousse and continue rolling using the parchment to help you, until you have a long log

-          Make sure that the seam is facing downwards, then roll up the roulade in the baking parchment and place in the fridge to chill; remove the roulade from the fridge at least 20 minutes before serving, dust with icing sugar and cut into slices



Ghal 10 persuni

5 abjad tal-bajd kbar

150g zokkor fin

10g trab tal-kafe

150g icing sugar

Ghal mili

100g gellewz imfarrak

40g zokkor fin

450ml krema doppja

250g mascarpone

100g cikkulata skura


-          Sahhan il-forn ghal 190C/Gas5

-          Habbat l-abjad tal-bajd sakemm jaghqad, imbaghad zid iz-zokkor u l-kafe filwaqt li thabbat sew wara kull darba li zzied ftit

-          Meta tkun zid iz-zokkor u l-kafe kollu, dahhal l-icing sugar; ifrex it-tahlita fuq tray tal-forn ta’25.5cm x 30cm, miksi bil-karta tal-forn; ferrex ftit icing sugar fil-wicc u sajjar ghal madwar 15-20 minuta; biex tara jekk sarx, dahhal sefffud fin-nofs u ghandu johrog nadif

-          Nehhi l-ixkuma minn gol-forn u halliha tiksah; zid it-temperatura tal-forn ghal 200C/Gas6; poggi l-gellewz u z-zokkor go skutella u hallat sew; ifrixhom fuq tray tal-forn u sajjarhom ghal 4-5 minuti sakemm jihmaru u jikkcarmelizaw; nehhi minn gol-forn u hallihom jikshu kompletament

-          habbat l-krema u l-mascarpone flimkien sakemm jaghqdu; poggi terz mit-tahlita go skutella ohra; zid il-gellewz u zokkor ma’z-zewz terzi l-ohra tat-tahlita u halli fil-genb;

-          deweb ic-cikkulata u halliha tiksah ftit; hallatha mat-terz tat-tahlita tal-krema; hallat malajr ghaliex ic-cikkulata tibda taghqad kif thoss il-krema kiesha

-          meta l-ixkuma tkun keshet poggiha fuq bicca karta tal-forn kbira bil-parti mqarmca fil-wicc, imbaghad nehhi l-karta li sajjartha fuqha; ifrex il-krema bil-gellewez fuqha u halli bordura ta’3cm mad-dawra; ifrex it-tahlita tac-cikkulata fuq kollox u halli bordura ta’2cm mix-xifer tat-tahlita tal-gellewz

-          bin-naha twila lejk ibda gerbeb ir-romblu lejn in-nofs u kompli rembel sakemm tispicca b’romblu twil

-          gerbeb ir-romblu gol-karta tal-forn u hallih fil-fridge; ohrog minn gol-fridge mil-lanqas 20 minuta qabel mas-servi, roxx ftit icing sugar u qatta’fi slajsis