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It-Tnejn Li Huma 13.05.11

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Different types of sushi



  • Nigiri: small hand-formed blocks of rice with a topping pressed onto it
  • Maki: rolls of rice and filling rolled in a sheet of seaweed
  • Temaki: cone-shaped rolls of seaweed filed with rice and topping
  • Inari: filled pouches of fried tofu dough


Basic ingredients needed to make sushi


  • - Sushi Rice: this is a short-grained, sticky type of rice
  • - Rice Vinegar: a yellow mils type of vinegar used for seasoning the rice
  • - Sugar and Salt: for seasoning the rice
  • - Nori: sheets of roasted seaweed used for making sushi rolls or keeping the topping on Nigiri sushi
  • - Wasabi: a green, spicy paste, made from roots of a kind of horse radish. Fresh Wasabi is very haard to find and very expensive: Wasabi powder can be used instead
  • - Soy sauce: for dipping the sushi in
  • - Gari: pickled slices of ginger, served together with sushi
  • - Kombu: dried seaweed that's cooked together with the rice (optional)



Marinate raw fresh salmon and tuna in soy sauce and sugar - 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 tablespoon sugar