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Galbani bel paese








Lombardia - Italy.



Cow's milk - pasteurised


Fat content:




Bel Paese is one of Italy's best-known cheeses.  Whether or not it deserves this distinction is a moot point. Egidio Galbani invented it 1906 because he wanted to market, mainly in Italy a mild soft cheese. The original production began in the Lombardy Region, in a village named Melzo, located in close proximity to Milan.

Bel paese is produced from fresh cow's milk and rennet is added to make the curd firm enough to cut, after approximately 20 minutes. The curd is cut into cubes and then carefully stirred by hand. It is then stirred with a rake to eliminate matting and to help quicken the expulsion of the whey. After the particles of the curd have firmed, the whey is removed and the curd is placed into forms and placed on a draining table. The cheese is drained in the forms for several hours, with frequent turning. The cheese is placed in a salt solution for several hours and then put into high humidity curing rooms for six to eight weeks, after which the cheese is cleaned, dried, and wrapped ready to be sold.



Bel Paese is immensely popular all over the world, because it is very mild and bland, with little or no aroma. The rind is coated with a thin layer of paraffin wax. Bel Pease often insinuates itself into recipes where melted cheese is desired, but no flavour is required. It is a popular choice to accompany fruit wines. It is also popular as a dessert and snack cheese. This cheese melts quickly, which makes it a popular choice for cooking and as a topping for pizza. It can also be used as a substitute for mozzarella.


Related Cheeses

Mozzarella; Provolone; Toma.

Appropriate Wines

Chardonnay; Dry Riesling; Gewürztraminer; Pinot Noir.


Bottom line

This is a cheese for people who do not like cheese


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