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Livarot Cheese





Livarot in the Auge Valley, Normandy - France.



Partially skimmed cow's milk pasteurised and unpasteurised; soft; washed rind.


Fat content:

40% - 45%



According to certain sources, Livarot may have originated in the 1200's as a cheese called "Angelot".  Other sources date it to the late 1600's. It was mentioned in 1708 by Thomas Corneille, the Academician, playwright and librettist in one of his works and the cheese was definitely known by the name "Livarot" at the end of the 1800s.

Originally, the cheese contained between 10% - 15% butterfat, but the butterfat content was raised to its current level in the mid-1900s.

Traditionally, Livarot used to be bound in rush leaves to reinforce the lower-fat cheese which had less body.  The modern version is sold bound with 5 narrow strips of paper or raffia.

An association of producers of Livarot Cheese was formed in April 1970 and the cheese received its French AOC 1975.



Orange crust from a bacterium called "Bacteria linens" the final wash is done with water coloured with annatto to reinforce the colour; straw coloured interior; strong, beefy, nutty flavour, wonderfully smelly.


Related Cheeses

French Epoisses, Langres, Pont-l'Évêque, Munster, Italian Robbiola, Taleggio.


Appropriate Wines

Big reds preferably Burgundy or Bordeaux; Calvados; Apple Cider; Beer.


Bottom line

The next best alternative to raw-milk Camembert.