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Italy - Piemonte



Unpasteurised cow's milk. semi-firm; pressed cooked curd; brushed rind (inedible)


Fat content:

45% - 50%



The recipe for Fontina Val d'Aosta is said to have been revealed to the early inhabitants of the Val d'Aosta by a near-mythical man called Sarvadzo. He taught them to make this unpasteurised, full-fat cheese, matured in grottos for at least three months. Its taste reflects its origins in the high, Alpine slopes - it is actually an Italian cousin to the French Gruyère.



Reddish-brown brushed rind; beige interior; firm, supple texture; earthy, herby flavour; delicate, fruity, perfumed aroma. Look on the rind for stenciled purple circle with a mountain in the centre and the word "Fontina"


Related Cheeses

Swiss and French Raclette, Morbier.


Appropriate Wines

Piemonte's big reds - Barolo, Barbaresco, Spanna, Gattinara.


Bottom line

One of the world's great cheeses. Fontina D'Aosta is at its best when used in cooking. It is a cheese that melts well and has a mild flavor that easily blends into many dishes.