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French Emmental





France - Franche-comte', Savoie, Haut-Savoie, Burgundy, Alsace.



Partially skimmed cow's milk; unpasteurised; semi-firm; pressed cooked curd; brushed, oiled, natural rind


Fat content:




Emmental originated from the Emme valley in the canton of Bern. Unlike some other cheese varieties, the denomination "Emmentaler" was not protected ("Emmentaler Switzerland" is, though). Hence, Emmentaler of other origin, especially from France and Bavaria, is widely available.



Yellowish-beige rind with origin stamped in red on the rind, confirming that the cheese was made from Alpine milk. Tender, yielding slightly chewy texture; well spaced proliferation of large walnut-sized holes; light straw-coloured paste; sweet, buttery, nutty, fruity flavour. French Emmental made from pasteurised milk does not have the same flavour as the unpasteurised version. French Emmental from Savoie and from Franche-comte' have PGI status


Related Cheeses

Swiss Emmental, Dutch Leerdammer, Maasdam.


Appropriate Wines

Light, fruity reds, such as Beaujolais or any Cotes-du-Rhone, spicy whites such as Alsace, Sylvaner or Traminer; dry Vouvray.


Bottom line

Often superior to Swiss Emmental.