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Spain - Asturias



A mixture of goat's cow's and sheep's milk, pasteurised and unpasteurised (artisanal) versions available; blue, semi-firm cheese; cave-aged for a minimum of 3 months; natural rind, normally too salty to be edible.


Fat content:

45% to 48%




Salty, inedible, buff coloured rind; moist, crumbly interior with intense purple veining; rich intense flavour. This cheese can be made from pure, unpasteurised cow's milk or blended in the traditional manner with goat and/or sheep milk, which lends the cheese a stronger, spicier flavor but is unavailable in winter. All of the milk used in the production of Cabrales must come exclusively from herds raised in a small zone of production in Asturias, in the mountains of the Picos de Europa.


Related Cheeses

Roquefort and most other blue cheeses.


Appropriate Wines

All strong Spanish reds; Spanish sweet or dry sherries


Bottom line

One of the world's most remarkable cheeses, with a wonderful and outstanding appearance and flavour.