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Galantines and Ballotines

People often confuse the terms ballotine and galantine. Ballotine means in the shape of a bundle - "ballot" in French is a bundle or package.  Ballotine is boned, flattened meat, usually chicken or fish that is stuffed and rolled or tied into a bundle and roasted. It can either be served cold or hot with a pan sauce or gravy.

Galantine is a chilled dish of poultry, created after the French Revolution by the chef to the Marquis de Brancas.  The Galantine is prepared by first skinning and de-boning chicken or other poultry and pounding the meat flat.  The skin is then laid flat with the pounded meat on top, on which the stuffing is then spread.  The Galantine is then rolled, wrapped in cheesecloth and poached in poultry stock.

The exclusive Scotts range of Ballotines and Galantines is imported from manufacturers in France who supply the leading delicatessens in Europe.